Wednesday 31 January 2007


Yesterday was the feast of Charles Stuart, King and Martyr. At Low Mass as Mary Mags I am pleased to say it was properly observed with red vestments and set readings and collect from CCP. I am also pleased to report that the Celebrant, who has in the past refused to wear a Chasuble, not only wore a Chasuble but a Maniple too. We are obviously getting him trained. Now if only he would wear *black* clerical shirts rather than the blue striped one he had on! (Mind you I have seen him wear pink striped clericla shirts so I guess we must be thankfull for small mercies!)

After church we all went to the Nursery Tavern and I ended up translating the instruction on how to descale their coffee machine as they only had instructions in German!

is preaching for the first time this coming Sunday at the 10:00am Sung Mass at Mary Mags. Wish her luck!

Saturday 20 January 2007


Well got back from Austria last Monday.

Spent the rest of the week catching up with things including Full Council on Tuesday night and Scrutiny Board 1 on Wednesday.

Been busy working on a website too.

Tuesday 2 January 2007


It is snowing today.

and I went up the mountain early. At the top of Steinbergkogel it was a blizzard.

We only spent a couple of hours on the slopes as visibility was poor and a lot of lifts were closing because of storms.