Friday 16 May 2008

New Challange!

With the AGM and Mayor making of the City Council yesterday I have been promoted to a new job.

After 3 years of being chairman of Scrutiny Board 1 (Finance, Value for Money, Customer, Workforce and Legal Services) I have now been promoted into the cabinet as Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety.

Saturday 3 May 2008

Election 2008

We made a net loss of one seat Thu night / Fri morning after gaining one but losing two.

Officially we are listed as a Conservative loss to No Overall Control, however we have 27 seats which is exactly half the council so we will remain in control with the Lord Mayor's casting vote.

It was however a good night for us. One of the seats we lost was in fact a Labour hold as the seat in question was held by a Labour councillor who defected to us.

Elsewhere in the city majorities increased and we held Wyken by 400, whereas last year we lost it by around 130. Labour seriously thought they could win this city and it was a pleasure to stop them.