Thursday 26 April 2007


The new freezer arrived today.

Those of you who read 's blog will now that Comet refused to deliver our Fridge Freezer because they "were not allowed to carry it up the stairs."

I cancelled the order with them and will never order anything from Comet again and advise other people to boycott them as well.

I ordered a new Freezer from Currys and they had it up the stairs and the old one out in less than five minutes.

I think this says a lot about the service level at Comet - I think their delivery drivers could not be bothered to carry the freezer up two flights of stairs so made up some excuse.

I trust you will all bear this in mind next time any of you who read this journal should you need to replace any electrical goods.

Thursday 19 April 2007

Western Companies Helping Opression

Apparently Yahoo is now being sued (in the USA) for helping the Chinese Government to jail a man.


Yahoo say that they must comply with local laws. So thats OK to stop free speech, they were just obeying orders.

The so called "Peoples" Republic of China may be pretending to move to a western capatlist system, but it is still an autocratic communist dictatorship at heart.

Saturday 7 April 2007

Maunday Thursday and Good Friday at Coventry Cathedral

Evening of Maunday Thursday and I served at the Footwashing, Mass of the Institution of the Lords Supper and Stripping of Altars. It all went pretty well though I am sure number are down on 10 years ago when I first started attending.

On Friday i went to the Liturgy of Good Friday and they had the full Trissagon and Reproaches which they have not done for a number of years

Thursday 5 April 2007

Chrism Mass at Coventry Cathedral

Was serving at the Chrism Mass at Coventry Cathedral this morining. It went fairly reasonably.

It is the first time I have done it for a number of years and unfortunatly there have been some retograde changes. It used to be done at the High Altar, but they use a "coffee table" (nave altar) instead.

The clergy all used to wear Alb (or at least a surplice) and stole but now they just wear street clothes - and some of them did not wear their dog collars.

Wednesday 4 April 2007

Fr Jeffrey John and Penal Substituionary Atonement

The Dean of St Albans, The Very Rev'd Jeffrey John has been criticised by the Bishop of Durham over a radio broadcast where he criticised Penal Substituionary Atonement (PSA). There is a discussion thread on Ship of Fools.

I think it is right during Holy Week when our thoughts turn to the Cross that Fr Jeffrey is raising these points and asking us to consider them.

I don't see what the problem is. PSA is not a defining Christian belief sespite the fact that many people believe it to be so.

My major problem with PSA is that it leaves you with a bloodthirsty Father who requires the spilling of blood for justice to be served. That is not in line with the image of a loving God.

So what was the the purpose of the Passion of Our Lord? It was of course so that we might all have eternal life - but that does not necessarily imply PSA. Christ defeated death upon the cross so that we might all live. I find that this (Christus Victor rather than PSA) is a much clearer logical explanation of that what and where by of the death of Christ and implies more grace than legalism. Of course we can never be fully aware or fully understand all the implications of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Lord as the events themselves are so awesome.

The freezer is apparently very broken and is beyo...

The freezer is apparently very broken and is beyond repair.

A new freezer is on order. It was not as much as I was thinking it would cost either.