Sunday 30 September 2007

The Feast of St Michael and All Angels (transferred)

Those of you in the ecclesiastical know will realise that it is currently Michaelmas.

As such, at Coventry Cathedral being offically The Cathedral and Parish Church of Saint Michael, Coventry we celebrated the patronal festival. and I were serving. Canon Adrian Daffern celebrated the Mass and not only did it in his normal excellent style, but also sung the the Eucharistic prayer. Wonderful. The Cathedral should do this more. Fr Adrian even agreed with me that we should have had some smoke.

After High Mass (or the Cathedral Eucharist as it is officially called) we went to Whitefriars for lunch and a few beers.

Following this we moved on to Mary Mags where and I were Acolytes for the joint Churches Together in Earlsdon and Chapelfields joint service. It was excellently done (which is something that can not be said normally for ecumenical endeavours.) I think out new Parish Priest, Canon David Robinson is beginning to sort things out. Hooray. We even had asperging after the renewall of Baptismal Vows.

So we may have had a unsuitable appointment as Archdeacon, but at least even in this Diocese some things are done well.

Thursday 27 September 2007

New Archdeacon of Coventry

The new Archdeacon of Coventry has been announced

It is to be The Revd Canon Ian Watson.

Now this has always been an evangelical diocese, but in recent years we have seen a lack of balance of churchmanship in appointments - witness the appointment of Fr John Irvine as Dean of Coventry where he has been shoving Alpha down everyones throat at the Cathedral ever since. (and many other things I will not go on about here!)

I always suspected that when our previous Archdeacon (who was Catholic) they would replace him with an evangelical.

So was I right? I have never heard of Fr Ian before his appointment so I thought I would look him up.

He is currently Chairman of the Intercontinental Church Society - an evangelical mission agency.
He studied at Wycliffe.

Oh well no surprise there for this diocese. We can only live in hope that this will be balanced by our new Bishop being Catholic when My Lord Colin Coventry retires at the end of this year.