Thursday 22 February 2007

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday.

I was thurifer at the Cathedral.

The Sub-dean was acting as deacon, and I had to teach him before the service what to do with the thurible to cense the book of gospels. He seemed to enjoy it and would like to be celebrant at a Mass when incense is used.

Service went well except for the Precentor putting on so much incense before the gradual and them pressing it down to compact it that he starved the charcoal of Oxygen putting it out. I had to spend the sermon cleaning the fusued together charcoal/incense mix out and relighting it. And he was at Staggers too.

Unfortunatly they were using the abomination unto the Lord known as a nave altar, though the Precentor did agree afterwards that it was a bit cramped and we should the used the High Altar. I did suggest next year it should be not only at the High Altar but celebrated Eastward facing too, but he told me not to push it!!!!!

The Dean was there too and for some reason wore a scarf rather than a stole. He also didn't speak to all to me even though I was virtually standing next to him after the service. Maybe having had a lighted thurible in my hand makes me too Catholic and unsaved or something!

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