Friday 31 October 2008

Lufthansa are buying bmi

It has been announced that Lufthansa are going to buy out Sir Michael Bishop's controlling stake in bmi (British Midland)

Hopefully this will bring some sort of semblance of organisation to bmi as "modular airline" idea that mean there are different service standards between bmi main line and bmi Regional will disappear and we'll have a consistent product. And that's before bmi baby is taken into account.

The problem with bmi at the moment is that it does not know whether it wants to be a low cost model airline (with bmi baby and the "tiny" fares and buy on board with bmi manline) or a full service airline (the long and medium haul routes and bmi regional with a wide range of economy fares from the cheap non-refundable to the expensive flexible and business class together with its membership of Star Alliance) and hopefully Lufthansa will bring order to this chaos.

It would be good to see development of further routes from Birmingham International (BHX) - at the moment the only bmi operation is bmi baby and codes shared on the various Lufthansa routes - and the development of a decent Star hub there.

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