Friday 22 February 2019

General Synod, February 2019 - Day 3

After the heavy legislation of yesterday a slightly different pace today.

The morning's schedule was that as outlined on Order Paper IV

First up was a Dioscean motion, jointly from Truro and London on Diocesan Synod on Environmental Programmes (GS 2094A) (GS 2094B)(Revised) & GS Misc 1212 (Update)

This was followed by a debate on Evangelism and Discipleship (GS 2118) & (Annex A)

At lunch time I met my wife for lunch (she'd been to the Snoopy exhibition at Somerset House) followed by a romantic walk through St James's Park

In the afternoon the work of synod continued with Order Paper V

First up was standing order business.

54th Report of the Standing Orders Committee (GS 2119)
Proposed changes to the Standing Orders relating to the Crown Nominations Commission (GS 2120)
There was a large debate on whether the Crown Nominations Commission (the body that chooses dioscean bishops) should continue to vote in a secret ballot.

This was voted on by house, and the laity voted against the change The results were :-

House of Bishops: For 19, Against 14, Abst. 1
House of Clergy For 76, Against 66, Abst. 4
House of Laity For 63, Against 99, Abst 5.

Next there was a debate on Growing Faith: Ministry Amongst Children and Young People (GS 2121)

This was followed by farewells to the Bishops of Dover and Norwich.

Finally there was a debate on Estates Evangelism (GS 2122)

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