Friday 26 May 2006

Acension Day

Well we (lacking a priest at the mo and possibly for some time to come!) had a guest celebrant for Acension Day yesterday.

He refused to wear a Chasuble (never mind a Maniple!) and looked like he wanted to avoid the thurible, but he seemed a nice enough chap when I bumped into him in the pub afterwards.


  1. I'd have been furious. It's like going to a black tie event in shorts and t shirt or vice versa. Hope it went well anyway.

  2. It did go well, with a reasonable attendece (35ish communicants I think) too. Fr did look a little undressed as since it was a major festival ther servers were wearing tunicles in addition to the normal alb/amice!!!!!!

  3. All the servers or just the crucifer?


  4. All the servers apart from the thurifer.

    You are of course thinking of Roman Rite where the crucifer was the sub deacon and hence wore a tunicle. Services at Mary Mags, however, are English Use based.


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