Sunday 24 December 2006

Advent IV / Christmas Eve

Well the first of todays services is out the way.

I was Crucifer at Mary Mags for the 10:00 Sung Mass this morning and was thurifer. We had a visiting celebrant who preached a wonderful sermon about how although The Blessed Virgin Mary was the mother of Our Lord if you looked through her ancestry (as given by St Mathew) (OK it is actually listed as St Joseph's) some of her ancestors (notably David) were not exactly 100% moral. He also said that he enjoyed celebrating for us because we did liturgy well and that poor modernised liturgy with no real meaning was driving people away from the church. He also criticised those parts of the church that claim to speak 100% for God, normally when discussing sexual morality. There was more too, but I enjoyed it which is unusual for a service that went on over the regulation 10 minutes.

After church we went to Whitefriars for s couple of pints.

Now I am relaxing before serving at Form of a Servant at the Cathedral this evening and Midnight Mass at Mary Mags where I get to have fun by being thurifer.


  1. I know you A/Cs whizz through the liturgy but the entire service in 10 mins, wow! Have a great Mass of Christ.

  2. For service read sermon.

    The Romans go in for fast ones I believe. We Anglos try and fit in as much ceromony as possible!


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