Wednesday 13 December 2006


Yes it is time again for one of my irregular updates.

Was serving at the Cathedral on Sunday. On Sunday the Dean was preaching. In my personal opinion, even ignoring the content, he is a poor preacher. He basically spend his entire sermons making quotes every other sentence - it makes him sound like he has swallowed a concordance!

He also likes to keep his chasuble/dalmatic/tunicle on after the service during coffee. This is at odds with the fact he always is pictured (eg on website) wearing collar and tie pretending he is just a minister and not a priest.

In other news it is 's birthday on Monday, and on Saturday we will be celebrating at the Nursery Tavern. They are having a beer festival! :)

And speaking of pubs the Whitefriars web site is now live.

Last night was Full Council. It got quite fractious and didn't finish until 23:30. Mind you that is short compared with some of the ones we were having a couple of years ago.

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