Tuesday 16 December 2008

Fresh Expressions in a Catholic context

Last week a conference on Fresh Expressions in A Catholic context was held at Coventry Cathedral.

It was "interesting"

I didn't attend any of the conference bit but was serving at the Mass in the morning and Benediction the afternoon.

At Benediction the had a smoke machine and strobe light behind the Altar. While some people seemed to enjoy it (Jen said "It was cool!") personally as much as I enjoyed having Benediction in the Cathedral I didn't think it was needed. (And anyway why have a smoke machine when you have incense.) I believe that Anglo-Catholic worship is "multimedia" enough as it is without needing what looked like the entire support group for a top nightclub / pop group!

Jane () attended some of the workshops and will no no doubt post about them in here own time.

The day is being discussed else where on the web on Ship of Fools here and there are also blogs on it here and here.

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