Wednesday 17 December 2008

Skiing and Technology

Ok so everyone who goes skiing uses the 'net to look at the webcams, resorts webpages and snow forecast before they go skiing, but two new additions I've noticed this year.

SkiWelt have a Google Earth download of the skiing area.

Another site SkiLine says "Entering the number of your lift ticket you will get your personal "skiline" within seconds. At first glance you can review all the lifts you have been using, as well as the vertical meters and downhill kilometres you have completed."
Could be quite interesting to see how much you do in a day.

Away from technology and in the real world, following on from the Kitzbühel - Westendorf link that the KiWest lift brought us a couple of years ago, Westendorf is now going to linked to the main bulk of SkiWelt. In addition there is one further new Gondola in Westendorf and the second part of the Hopfgarten to Hohe Salve is also complete.

I have to say I am looking forward to getting out to Kitzbühel and trying out all these new lifts and the easier link over SkiWelt without having to get a bus from Westendorf to Brixen.

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